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We believe that managing successful non-profit enterprises is not all that different than managing successful for-profit ones. Good non-profit and for-profit organizations have a well-defined mission (the reason for their existence) and a clear picture of where they want to be (their vision). They manage their people well, are efficient in their day-to-day operations, and are fiscally accountable to their stakeholders.

Well managed for-profit organizations have clear strategies that capitalize on sustainable competitive advantages. They have well-laid out plans and their employees are aligned to implement those strategies. The best non-profits are no different.

We can help your organization be exceptional.

Competition and Strategy for Non-profits

We offer two methodologies to help you develop the sustainable strategic advantage that will put you ahead of your competition in both delivering services and raising capital:  

Strategic Plan Facilitation: We provide the process; you provide the expertise to create your strategic plan and layout its implementation.

- or –

Strategic Consulting: We bring our consulting capabilities and managerial experience to help you to define, develop, and implement your strategic plan.   

Executive Leadership and Effectiveness
Executive. Leader. One is a title; the other is so much more. True leaders inspire others to perform exceptionally in the pursuit of a common goal. We will help you instill a culture for success in your organization, develop and retain key employees, and improve your own leadership skills.  

Holistic Development
We believe that the entire organization, from board members to service providers to researchers to office staff, should support a non-profit’s fundraising efforts. We can help you instill that culture into your organization.  

Non-profit Financial Reporting and Accounting
Budgets, financial statements, audits, 990s, etc. We can assist you with whatever your accounting and reporting needs are.


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