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Strategic Consulting

With 25 years of managerial experience and having served on the Board of Directors of several non-profit organizations, Hutchcraft Strategic Partners can help your organization be its best. Below are the key steps in our strategic consulting process.

We will work with you to outline the project according to your needs, agree on clear objectives, and layout an appropriate timeline for completion.


Primarily though stakeholder interviews (staff, board, funding sources--agencies, foundations, donors, volunteers, service recipients, etc.), we will learn about your organization and the issues facing it. Are your mission, vision, and values consistent with the expectations of your stakeholders? What are your internal competencies and deficiencies; how can and will key external factors that impact the organization? What are the expectations and aspirations for the organization over both the short and long term?

Interim Presentation
We believe that communication is critical in keeping us aligned with your expectations, so we will present our findings at several stages along the way. Here we will present our findings from the above discovery. We will note any concerns about the existing mission, vision, and value statements and discuss your stakeholders’ perceptions and expectations of organization and the issues it faces.


We will utilize our analytical techniques and experience to evaluate the organization and the environment in which it operates. We will identify the key areas of focus required to reach your goals and objectives. We will develop and test alternative strategies and corresponding sustainable competitive advantages that the organization can employ to reach its stated aspirations.

Consensus on Strategic Direction
We strongly believe in collaboration and consensus. Before we develop a strategic plan, we will present our analysis, our recommended course of action, and our reasoning to your key stakeholders. We will solicit their input, make adjustments accordingly, and gain consensus on the strategic direction for the organization.

Strategic Plan Development
Once consensus is reached on the overall strategic direction, we collaborate with you to develop your Strategic Plan. To start, we will help you tweak or rewrite your mission, vision, and value statements if they are no longer appropriate. We will help you set reasonable goals and work with you to develop a strategic plan that capitalizes on your strengths to develop a sustainable competition advantage in both providing exemplary services and raising essential capital. We will identify and lay out the critical elements necessary to execute the strategy and the timeline required to implement it.


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