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The concept of holistic development, where everyone in the organization supports fundraising, can be somewhat controversial, especially in light of the altruistic culture of many non-profits. Clearly, we don’t think everyone should be calling on agencies or cultivating major donors. However, we do believe everyone should be an ambassador for the organization, willing and able to tout its story and promote its cause.

A quick story:
A year or so ago, a church sponsored a volunteer effort at a local crisis center. One of the volunteers distributing food to the hungry was the CEO of a $15 billion (with a b) company. He was there with no fanfare, just a first name on his nametag. Though the staff at the center did their job, the crisis center missed a tremendous opportunity. No one talked about the center, its mission, or its financial needs. Though these new volunteers were thanked, no one asked them for their continued support and how they could help the center in the future.

Now, not every volunteer or person you meet will be able to bring tremendous personal wealth and significant corporate financial resources. But you never know.

Our Development Process
Not surprisingly, our development methodology is very similar to effective sales processes of the best for-profit companies. We can help your development team, and your organization, become more effective at each stage of the process.

Identify the target. Make sure you’re talking with a viable donor, the key influencer or decision maker at the agency, and the right person at the right foundation.

Build a relationship. People prefer to work with people they like, respect and trust.

Learn their motivations and concerns. Understand the barriers that may prevent them from contributing.

Pitch your organization. Link their motivations to your cause and your plans. Address their concerns; make them comfortable that you are worthy of their investment.

Ask them for their support, and don’t be afraid to be specific.

Though the Executive Director and the Development staff are the primary drivers of the process, involvement by those not directly responsible for bringing in the money can go along way to helping development succeed. An “elevator speech” by a board member can discover a potential target or a scientist-to-scientist conversation can ease a funding agency’s concerns. Everyone needs to be willing and able to help when and where they can. We can help instill that culture into your organization.

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